Guided Tours in Durham

Always the most exciting thing about travelling to a new place is the mystery of what this particular place has to offer you and show you. Nowadays we live in an era where with just one click we can see the world from the comfort zone of our beds. However, there is no comparison between seeing the pictures of a new place and actually experience it. Durham, North Carolina has many guided tours where professionally trained locals let you dive in the city’s history and atmosphere.

Brown Hat Tours

Brown Hat Tours in Durham

We know the stories behind the story of Durham, North Carolina and we love to share them. You get the tour you want — highlighting the places, tales, people and flat-out fun to be had in downtown. So where would your group like to go?
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Taste Carolina Gourmet Food Tours

Taste Carolina Gourmet Food Tours in Durham

The 10am and 1:30pm Durham Downtown Tasting Tours: these tours are a fantastic way to experience six different Durham gems and learn about downtown!
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Trolley Pub

Trolley Pub in Durham

Trolley Pub is a pedal-powered, eco-friendly, pub-crawling trolley for up to 14 people at time. The Trolley Pub is powered by you and your fellow pedalers. It’s hard not to smile on the Trolley Pub!
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